Volunteer with Quiet Connections in Cornwall

Feb 10, 2022
Volunteer at Quiet Connections Group in Cornwall

Quiet Community Connector volunteer opportunities now available in Falmouth, Penryn, Helston, Truro, Camborne (with more locations to come!) to help gently connect those of us who are quieter, more sensitive or socially anxious in a safe, supportive space. 


About this volunteering opportunity

Quiet Community Connections groups are bringing people together when they're feeling socially anxious, shy and not good enough, creating a community of understanding and a space where it's ok to talk, and it's ok to be quiet too.

As a Community Connector, you will be responsible for running a local Community Connections group as part of a small team, supported by our Community Coordinator, Michele Cheesman. 

You will be helping to build a sense of togetherness, safety and belonging for members attending through providing support, reassurance, encouragement and a listening ear to community members.

Your role will be instrumental in ensuring that people feel seen, heard, valued and supported, and that they know they are not alone in their experiences, by growing engagement within the community.

Ultimately, you will be helping to increase our 'Quieteers' satisfaction and participation within the community; increasing their sense of belonging and connectedness, improving the way they feel about themselves, and furthering their own personal development.
You'll be a part of a small team or volunteers, and will work closely with our Community Coordinator, Michele Cheesman, and Directors & Coaches, Hayley Stanton and Stacie Clark. 

Your role may include the following tasks: 
  • Facilitating regular Quiet Connections community group
  • Opening up the venue and setting up activities before the group begins
  • Welcoming participants as they arrive
  • Making teas and coffees
  • Providing a listening ear and signposting where appropriate
  • Ensuring the venue is left as it was found
  • Nurturing and building relationships with new and existing attendees [our Quieteers!]
  • Contributing to the planning of the group and delivering activities to help attendees connect and stretch their comfort zones
  • Obtaining feedback from groups
  • Assisting with the promoting of groups through online and offline network

If you're interested in applying but this list feels a little daunting, then we encourage you to have a chat with one of the team about how you can start where you're more comfortable and build up to being able to take on all these roles. We love supporting people to gently stretch their comfort zones while volunteering with us!


What are we looking for?

We are looking to hear from you if you are a compassionate individual with personal alignment with Quiet Connections' mission and values. You'll have a strong understanding of our client groups and lived experience of feeling socially anxious or not enough, so you can personally relate to some of their challenges.

Your sensitivity, empathy, tactfulness and attention to detail is key in helping to create safe spaces where our Quieteers can gently connect and experience a sense of belonging.

You will be reliable and on time, have the ability to notice the needs of others, and take initiative. Have a willingness to speak to individuals, and in a small group of people to facilitate the group (knowing it's okay if there are nerves whilst doing so). You will have a positive attitude, can think creatively, and have awareness of personal boundaries and the limits of your own capabilities and role, asking for support where needed. You'll undertake training and self-directed research where necessary.


Practical considerations

  • Travel expenses can be covered within reason.
  • Community Connectors will need to complete relevant training so you must be willing and able to develop and attend training days.
  • The location in these towns may not yet be decided as we are in the process of setting up these groups (if you can help with that we would love to hear from you!)

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Join us at our next Quiet Meet Up

If you live in or you’re visiting Cornwall, we would love you to invite you to join us at our Quiet Meet Up's!

Our meet up's are for gently connecting those of us who consider ourselves to be quieter, more introverted, highly sensitive, socially anxious or shy, in a space where it's okay to talk and it's okay to be quiet too.

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