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Meet the Coach

Hi, I'm Emily

Here for you to listen, to chat or just 'be'

I’m excited by the magic that the right support and community can create in our lives… moving towards acceptance and celebration of our quietness and sensitive natures. 


My story

We can all tell a hundred different versions of our own story… so which is the most helpful for you, to get to know me as a coach? I moved to Falmouth, Cornwall (all by myself, not knowing anyone!) in 2019 and was so pleased to meet Hayley and Stacie very early on and get to know the amazing ethos and work of Quiet Connections. 

I am a writer, workshop facilitator and founder at Strength in Feathers CIC, and I’m also a former sailing, windsurf and paddleboard instructor. I use connection to the coast to practice blue health wellbeing coaching, empowering people to feel more confident and connected both to themselves and the world around them. 

We are all allowed to be 'more than one thing', and on some days I love speaking to people, running workshops and being at social events. On other days I have felt too overwhelmed to go to the supermarket, and am convinced that I am alone and unwanted, and sure that it will be this way forever. Our brains can play such tricks on us, if we let them. 


I was quiet as a child, clinging to my Mum rather than jumping into the ball pit with the other kids - my school reports all say something along the lines of ‘a lovely girl, but doesn’t always engage well with her peers…’ As an adult, I am committed to my own ongoing therapy and personal development - recognising and starting to rewire some of my long-held limiting beliefs. I am fascinated by social research and wellbeing psychology, both on a personal level and academically. You’ll often find me with my head in a book or listening to a podcast packed full of wellness content - and then having powerful conversations about what I’ve learnt with others who are just as passionate as I am. I wish I’d learnt all of this this at school, but although we can’t go back in time, we can talk about it now and share the gems that have helped us most. 

Now, working primarily with women, I am passionate about creating safe spaces to connect, create and laugh together! More often than not you’ll find me outdoors, near the water. I love sea swimming and paddle boarding, and think that beach yoga is one of the best ways you’ll ever start your day. I’m learning to surf, slowly, which might have something to do with the amount of surf sessions that are mostly spent sat on the beach in my wetsuit, ideally with coffee and cake in hand! 


  • Blue Health Coach (the science and philosophy of water for wellbeing)
  • Diploma in Life Coaching
  • MA Creative & Critical Writing
  • BA English with Art History & Visual Culture
  • Studying Level 2 Counselling
  • Specialising in Writing for Wellbeing

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