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Hi, I'm Hayley.

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As a coach and founder of Quiet Connections, I'm passionate about using my professional skills and my personal journey from socially anxious to quietly confident to start conversations, raise awareness and help others who feel anxious, broken and alone, just like I did.



My story

I’m a highly sensitive introvert, living between Truro and Redruth in Cornwall, UK. I am a Coach also studying a Masters in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology with the University of East London, and Founder of Quiet Connections where I coach, run courses, co-host a podcast and speak in public! But it wasn't always this way...  I grew up in Falmouth a very shy child and became extremely socially anxious and avoidant. I was too afraid to go to university or get a job after college; I struggled to make friends and didn't believe I would ever have a relationship. Being seen was my biggest fear. I expected to be judged harshly, criticised and rejected, so I kept myself small and hidden in all aspects of my life. It didn't feel safe to speak up and be seen, and I would freeze up if I tried to. I felt like I was defective and didn't fit in and I couldn't see a future, which led to me attempting suicide aged 19. But I still didn't get the help that I needed.

Over the years, I picked up puzzle pieces which helped me understand that I really wasn't broken or defective, and I could change how I show up in the world. I learnt strategies to manage the anxious feelings, started to see my strengths and value, and I grew to love my quieter nature.

I've done things I never thought possible including dancing on the streets for charity, completing a degree (and now returning to university as a postgraduate student), holding down jobs, taking public transport and navigating big cities alone, presenting and publicly speaking to 100s of people, becoming a Marine Mammal Medic and, of course, setting up and leading a business!

In 2014, I trained to become a Coach and the little acorn of an idea I had for Quiet Connections eventually came to life as a social enterprise... with a little help from Unlocking Potential and the School for Social Entrepreneurs where I was fortunate to meet my business partner, Stacie. Setting up a business as a quieter person brought it's own challenges too and it took a while for me to fully believe that I didn't have to be chatty and extraverted to succeed!

When I'm not coaching and studying, I spend my time with my sister, niece and nephews; walking in nature; DIY-ing my home, being pet-mum to my once-socially-anxious cat and dog, Little Bug and Robin; taking swimming lessons or dancing like nobody's watching in the kitchen! 

Stacie Clark, Quiet Connections Director & Coach


  • Student of MSc Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology
  • NLP Practitioner (neuro-linguistic programming)
  • mBIT Coach (multiple brain integration techniques - think head, heart & gut wisdom)
  • Blue Health Coach (the science and philosophy of water for wellbeing)
  • ASIST: Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training
  • Action Learning Team Facilitator
  • ILM Level 3 Award in Coaching
  • BSc Dimensions in Healthcare
  • Business Studies (140 credits level 4-6)
  • Association of NLP (ANLP) Professional Member
  • Code of Practice: ANLP, mBIT & EMCC

What my coaching clients are saying...

I would really love to work with you if...

You're excited about discovering your unique qualities, gifts, passions and experiences and exploring how best to use these to express yourself more authentically and contribute to your world in a way that works with your quieter or more sensitive nature -whatever this looks like for you.

As your coach, I will be walking alongside you as a fellow explorer, knowing that you are the expert on you. My role is to assist you in your journey, exploring your map of the world together and navigating your opportunities and challenges, reflecting your strengths and resources back to you as you uncover new insights, make thoughtful and courageous choices, and take meaningful action on the path that’s aligned with who you truly are (learn more about coaching here).

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