Meet the Coach

Hello, I'm Lisa

I'm happy to connect with you!

I am excited to use what I have learned on my personal journey and my psychology skills to help you to feel happier in your quiet space and, equally, confident to show up and speak up and live the life that you deserve.

My story

I’m a Positive Psychology Coach currently undertaking a Masters to deepen my learning and skills to support others in their journeys to flourishing and living their best lives, but it's been a long and strange journey to get where I am now!

I started my adult life preferring to stay in the background and just go with the flow rather than speak out. It held me back in jobs, going to university and in my social life. I fell into teaching line dancing with a big push from a friend. But I was so anxious I could hardly be heard - even with a mic! And I couldn’t remember what came next. With time, I became better and more confident in teaching, yet I still preferred to stay at the front of the class, behind the mic, so that I didn’t have to make conversation with strangers.

Then, I spent five years with health problems. I went from an active, always-on-the-go person to being at home most of the time and needing help with simple tasks and a mobility scooter to get out. With that, I felt like a lost all the confidence I had and I really noticed those feelings of social anxiety.


But during this challenging time, I completed a psychology degree to keep my brain active even if my body wasn't and I was over the moon to get a first-class honours!

I fell in love with Positive Psychology. It's taught me to appreciate the little things, and to be a lot more resilient. I've done things that scare me because that is how I learn and grow. Using elements of Positive Psychology, including mindfulness and gratitude, really helped me to improve my own health and wellbeing. With determination and perseverance, I have my independence and mobility back. While I now enjoy being the quiet one, I have learnt to enjoy speaking to different people too, I know how to advocate for myself, and I am far happier and more confident.

I knew I wanted to use Positive Psychology to help other people lead happier, more authentic and fulfilled lives too. To this end, I started a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. I love it! And while learning so much, I am also continuing to apply it to my own life with great results. So here I am now, ready to help other people as a coach, bringing the benefits of coaching and positive psychology to help you improve your own wellbeing so you can live a more fulfilling, authentic life too.


  • BSc Psychology
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology
  • Certified Mindfulness Life Coach

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