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In the past I have struggled with social anxiety & depression. Learning NLP was a game changer for me & it has helped me shift negative behavioural patterns & taught me to develop a sense of self-awareness that helps keep me on an even keel.

As a Blue Health coach, I very much enjoy taking coaching sessions in blue spaces, walking on the Southwest coast path & the occasional toe dip or deep dive into the sea. Working in and around our blue spaces & connecting with nature are extremely powerful resources for those looking for change.


I am passionate to help my clients bring lasting change to their lives by challenging you to safely step out of your comfort zone & explore new rewarding ways of thinking & develop what is arguably the most important relationship in life – Your relationship with yourself.

I have helped build & run an IT & Telecoms business for almost 20 years which has certainly been rollercoaster ride & has taught me some valuable life lessons which I endeavour to bring to my coaching. In a nutshell I want to help my clients to feel more confident & truly become their own best & authentic self.


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