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Navigating Your Life Coaching

Coaching helps you to create change in your own behaviours and ways of thinking so that you can choose to show up in a way that’s aligned with who you really are and make decisions that move you towards what’s truly important for you so that you can live a happier and more fulfilling life.

Reconnecting you with your inner knowing and who you truly are; gaining clarity of your sense of purpose and what’s important to you

Recognising the value and capability of your quieter qualities and more sensitive nature; exploring your unique ability to express yourself and create chang

Accessing the courage and self-belief within you; taking meaningful steps towards a life that feels fulfilling to you

Julia, Penryn

“The first time I came for a coaching session I didn’t know what I was doing with my life at all. I couldn’t figure out how to spend it in the most fulfilling and valuable way. I needed help understanding what my purpose was and what do I do now? Coaching made me realise that I didn’t need to do grand things to be able to hit my purpose. It was all about making the space around me the way I wanted, and this had a knock-on effect on other people. Coaching helped me move forward, finding rewards and purpose in my life. It’s the most liberating thing I’ve ever experienced in my life. I can now celebrate I’ve responded in a way I would not have reacted before.”

Coaching is for you if… 

You’re longing to live with more meaning and purpose. Maybe you don’t know what that looks like yet, but you can hear that little, quiet voice buried deep inside of you telling you that you’re here for something more. Only, sometimes it’s hard for you to see what you have to offer -in your work, your relationships, and, well, in society full stop really!

Tuning into your true heart-felt desires and that sense of who you really are deep down might be a struggle for you after so many years of avoiding or trying to be and do what other people say you should. The moment you get an idea you’re talking yourself out of it, worrying that it’s the wrong path for you; fearing judgement from other people; or thinking you’re not the right kind of person to succeed at it. So, you stay still. Stuck. Waiting to be sure.


You want to make a difference in the world in your own special way, and it’s important for you to feel good in life, too.


Now you're ready to discover your unique qualities, gifts, passions and experiences and explore how best to use these to contribute to your world in a way that works with your quieter or more sensitive nature. 

You’ve been taking small steps forwards (and backwards and forwards) for a while now:

  • You’ve told yourself “just do it” when you’re not sure and tried to ignore the anxiety, but it didn’t go away. 
  • You’ve tried putting on a mask and being the person others want you to be and that’s definitely not felt good. 
  • You’ve read books, watched videos, consulted ‘Dr. Google’, taken personality tests, and even attended courses or had counselling…  

...Still, those old ways of being come creeping in, getting in the way of you wholeheartedly showing up as yourself and embracing the opportunities that can move you towards loving your life and, well, being more you!  

We know it isn’t easy to gain clarity and integrate and embody what you're learning so that you can start living it, especially when you’ve been running old habitual patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving that were once-upon-a-time designed to keep you safe but now silently self-sabotages your efforts to grow. 

It’s not always easy to find the right support either! Because so often other people just don’t get how tough it can be for you to show up and be seen. And even if they do get it, the reality is that you are your own best guide. No one can tell you what you need or which way to go, that must come from within you. Coaching can help you to access this rich inner flow of wisdom. 


Rose, Camborne

“When I came to Quiet Connections I had limited confidence and no self-esteem or self-belief. I didn't feel worthy of others’ time, effort, help or love. But with coaching, I began to feel differently about myself. I discovered I could do the things I was scared of, and I was likeable. I joined groups and did different activities and had fun while being my true self... Happy Dance and all! The biggest thing I've learned is to trust, both myself and others. I have belief in myself now. I can act with grace and love to myself as well as those around me and I have been able to develop friendships with new people.”

The good news is that you already have the courage to create change for yourself.


We’ve worked with hundreds of people, like you, who struggled to see what they can offer, find direction in life, and take brave and meaningful steps forwards. With coaching, they’ve come to see the unique power in their quieter qualities and more sensitive natures; find the purpose and meaning they were searching for; grow confidence in their capabilities and trust in their inner guidance to walk the path their hearts desire.

Our greatest gift is helping you to see the light within yourself; discovering your true self and what you have to offer; and accessing the courage to express yourself in the world, walking the path that’s aligned with who you truly are. That’s what Navigating Your Life is all about. 

Esther, St Austell

"Working with Quiet Connections made me start to challenge my limiting beliefs and see that my thoughts are not my reality; they’re very powerful, but they don't define who I am. I realised that actually I'm not all these labels that I had said to me over the years and it's made me challenge how I saw myself and to stop rejecting myself.

I want people to know that there's hope. Just because you're used to thinking and behaving in a certain way, it doesn't mean that that is your destiny. And I would definitely recommend doing comfort zone stretches because there's no joy in being stuck. They say life begins at the end of it and it definitely true. "

“Hi there!

We’re Hayley, Stacie & Phil… We help people like you to live a more fulfilling life that’s aligned with who you really are. 

Because we, too, have felt lost, anxious and frustrated because it seemed like we were missing something in life but didn’t know what or how to get it. Unsure which way to turn and lacking self-belief, we felt stuck. But we found ways to get moving. To follow our hearts. Exploring. Creating. Becoming. And when our inner compass told us it’s time to pivot, we trusted our wisdom and adjusted our sails. 

Sure, we’ve got all the necessary qualifications, but what’s most important is we’ve lived this struggle, too.” 

Principles that guide our coaching practice


We believe that:

  1. You can achieve more than you already are; everyone has hidden potential waiting to be unlocked.
  2. You have all the resources that you need, even if you don’t see this for yourself yet.
  3. You are the expert on you, because both you and your path are unique. Therefore, people benefit the most when they are supported to access the wisdom they hold within, rather than simply being told what to do.
  4. Success depends on discovering new options, increasing personal flexibility, and having the willingness to try out new methods.
  5. Anything can be accomplished if the task is broken down into manageable, bitesize steps.
  6. Failures are stepping stones on the path to success; we learn and grow from things not going to plan.
  7. We are all unique, experience the world in different ways, and have our own individual way of being -and embracing our uniqueness is the greatest gift we can offer the world.

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Your Next Steps... 

Find out about our coaches and book an 30-minute introductory call to see if your preferred coach (and coaching) is a good fit for where you are now, and how coaching might work for you. 

Hayley Stanton

Hayley offers sessions via Zoom, phone call, or in-person in the Falmouth, Truro, and Camborne areas of Cornwall. 

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Stacie Clark

Stacie offers sessions via Zoom, phone call, or in-person in the Charlestown and St Austell areas of Cornwall. 

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Phil Williams

Phil offers sessions via Zoom, phone call, or in-person in the Porthleven and Helston areas of Cornwall. 

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Alistair Miller

Alistair offers sessions via zoom or face-to-face in Falmouth, Redruth, Truro areas of Cornwall.

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Lisa Fisher

Lisa is based in Biddenham, Bedfordshire and offers distance coaching sessions via Zoom, Teams, or phone call.

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Vicky Otter

Vicky can offer sessions via Zoom, phone call, or in-person at her farm in Mount Hawke near Truro, Cornwall.

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Elaine Macey

Elaine can offer sessions via Zoom, phone call, or in-person by the coast in the Newquay area of Cornwall.

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Emily Wheeler

Emily offers sessions via Zoom or phone call, but she really loves coaching in-person at the coast in Falmouth, Cornwall. 

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