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  • If you’re writing to ask us how we can help you, please check out our services here
  • If you’re wondering if coaching is a good fit for you, then you can find out more about coaching and see our coaches here, and go ahead and book a free 30-min coaching session or informal chat with Hayley or Stacie on their profile page. (There’s no sales pitch - it’s 30mins all about you!)
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  • If you’re from an organisation and you want us to design and deliver a workshop for your clients/participants then we’re excited! Our speciality is workshops on confidence, compassion, self-care and quiet strength. Scroll down to drop us a message or book a call with Stacie for a discussion/quote
  • If you’d like to interview one of us or have us speak at your event - we would be honoured! You can find out more about each of us here and then contact us below. 
  • Sorry we do not offer free advice or coaching via email, but if you get a free membership you can access exclusive workshops for confidence and wellbeing, or join our Facebook group to share your question or story with people on the same path - and our team of Coaches are there replying too! 
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