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  • Discover Your Superpower to Manage Day-to-Day Anxieties with Alice Rizzi

    • Join Mindfulness Mindset Coach, Alice Rizzi, PsyD, and learn how to use mindfulness and meditation to manage stress and anxiety in everyday life. Alice shows you that you don't have to meditate for hours every day or learn how to clear your mind (it's impossible!) in order to benefit from the superpower that is mindfulness!


  • Overcoming the Fear of Not Being Good Enough in Your Career with Grace Sodzi

    • Join CEO Grace Sodzi to explore imposter syndrome; that feeling that you're not good enough and the insecurities that might be holding you back. You'll realise you're not alone and take away tips and have a go at creative activities to help manage the common imposter experience. 


  • How to Ease Anxiety Through Movement with Elaine Macey

    • Join Elaine Macey, Founder of 4Motion, for a relaxing movement inspired workshop, where you will start tapping into different emotions, thoughts and ideas to facilitate movement, dance and flow, so you can practise safely reconnecting with your body, helping you feel more calm and confident. 


  • 3 Steps to More Social Confidence with Kyle Mitchell

    • Join Kyle Mitchell, AKA Social Anxiety Kyle, as he walks us through his step-by-step process to help you move beyond social anxiety, stretch your comfort zone, and achieve the things you want in life.


  • Reframing Quiet & Thriving in the Workplace with Introverted Career Coach Lara Hayward

    • Join Lara Hayward, ex-lawyer and strategic lead for Creative Careers & Sustainability at Oxford University, for two insightful workshops exploring how to reframe the way we see 'quiet' in the workplace, recognise your quieter strengths, and discover the next important steps for navigating the world of work while honouring your quieter nature.  


  • An Introduction to EFT to Relieve Stress & Release Anxiety with Stephenie Farrell

    • Discover the amazing benefits of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) with EFT Practitioner Stephenie Farrell. You'll learn how to use Tapping, including where the tapping points are; you'll work through a script with Stephenie, and even tap along as Stephenie shows us how to create a script together. You'll also find out how to use this technique very discretely in social situations.


  • Get Unstuck: The Art of Fluidity with Lizzi Larbalestier, Creator of Blue Health Coaching

    • This short workshop offers a shift in perspective and an invitation to find your flow. We will work with potential energy and momentum demystifying the impact of thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Coastal references using ocean metaphors encourage reflection and conversation. 


  • Writing to Feel More Quietly Confident with Emily Wheeler 

    • Join wellbeing writer Emily Wheeler from Strength in Feathers CIC, for a relaxed workshop of self-reflective and mindful writing prompts. Through the power of writing, we'll be reframing quiet, celebrating the gentle and quiet characters in storytelling, and tapping into the beautiful strengths in your quieter nature - so you can feel more confident, empowered and self-accepting.


  • Cultivating Curiosity, Compassion & Courage for Growth with Vicky Otter

    In this two-part exploration with Wellbeing Coach Vicky Otter, you'll be developing your understanding of your quieter qualities and the ways in which our minds work, so that you can bring more curiosity, courage and compassion to your own growth. 


  • The 5 Ways to Wellbeing with Leanna Cox, Social Prescriber in Cornwall

    • Explore what actions you can take to support your own wellbeing and empty your 'stress cup' so you can get back to your natural calm and balanced state. Join Social Prescriber, Leanna Cox as she helps you to expand your toolkit of practises that you can use in your day-to-day life that have been proven by research to release stress and improve happiness and wellbeing.


  • How Nature Can Help You When You Feel Anxious with Ellie Smart, Nature Photographer

    • Discover how nature nourishment can improve your mood and have a go at four different mindfulness techniques to use within nature that will help you to connect with your inner quietness, and also look for the quiet that surrounds us within the natural world. These techniques come from a Japanese tradition called Shinrin-yoku.  


  • How to Create a Happier & More Fulfilling Life with Phil Williams & Hayley Stanton

    • Exploring the four motivators that are guiding the choices you’re making in life with Blue Health Coach Phil, and discover Positive Psychology findings on the power of gratitude and the three areas you need to focus on to feel happy in life with Coach Hayley.  


  • Exploring the Stories We Tell Ourselves with Meditation Teacher, Kate Hughes

    • Grab your blanket and snuggle down somewhere cosy as we join Meditation Teacher, Kate Hughes, for an hour of exploration, relaxation, meditation and of course, stories!


  • Break the Stress Cycle with Breath, Movement & Mindset with Elaine Macey

    • Join Elaine once again for this relaxed practical workshop where we will tune into the power of our breath to invite movement in our body and flow to our thoughts. Through guided breathwork exercises, and informal movement explorations, we'll explore how we can find positive, kind and affective solutions when we're feeling stressed.


  • How You Can Interrupt Negative Thinking to Create Space for Possibility with Social Prescriber, Annika Wilby

      • Join Annika Wilby, Social Prescriber in West Cornwall, to explore acceptance of the things that we cannot control; using affirmations to help you in managing anxious feelings by changing automatic thought habits; and, importantly, creating a self-affirmation that is helpful and believable.


  • Uncovering the Secrets of Your Breath to Feel More Calm & Confident with Blue Health Coach, Phil Williams

    • Join Phil as he helps you discover the relationship between your breath and your emotions. Phil will be sharing with you the very breathing practises that have helped him and the people he works with to move beyond anxiety and panic to feeling more calm and confident and able to join in.


  • Mindfully Growing & Baking with Julie Jones and Julia Le Gallo

    • Quieteers Julie and Julia talk you through growing your own microgreens and making a zebra cake step-by-step... because mindfully creating your food is great for your wellbeing!

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