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The Quiet Connections Podcast

with Hayley & Stacie


Exploring the path from socially anxious to quietly confident, picking up ingredients along the way to help you move beyond fear and anxiety, reframe quiet and grow your confidence so you can live a more fulfilling life.

This podcast is for you if you feel socially anxious or simply not good enough, and you’re struggling with tasks that other people seem to find easy or you’re avoiding social situations for fear of rejection and criticism. 

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Esther, UK

"I've gained a lot from the podcasts. I've listened to all of them and there was one I've listened to about three times about the missing puzzle piece [episode 2] and it made me realise that so much of this stems from childhood and that it's learned behaviour. And I am not that person. They've helped a lot. So I was really intrigued. I thought, wow, you know, it was stuff that I'd never even realised before, so I’m grateful for that."

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