Quiet Connections

Quiet Connections

Hosted by: Hayley & Stacie

Do you feel anxious in social situations? Think you're not good enough? Join us on a journey from anxiety to confidence, collecting puzzle pieces to help you feel more calm & courageous so you can speak up, join...


The Importance of Finding Your Tribe & Trusting the Process - with Becky Dodman-Wainwright, Textiles Designer & Lecturer

Season #2 Episode #13

Are you following your own path, or the one you thought you ought to take? What difference could it make redirecting your energy and attention to the people who 'get you'? What does it mean to Trust the Process?Stacie...
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Taking On a New Challenge & Surviving the Emotional Rollercoaster

Season #2 Episode #12

Hayley and Stacie explore the emotional rollercoaster that we experience when we take on a new challenge that evokes anxiety within us. Together, we'll explore: The Ping Pong contemplation stage that occurs before the...
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From "What's wrong with me?" to "What's up with us humans?" - with Jeremy Sherman PHD, Researcher & Psychoproctologist

Season #2 Episode #11

What if your panic was organic? What if struggling to say the things you want to say, means you could actually be on the edge of a Word Wise Spiral?What does it mean to be 'Calm-fident'? And what if we’re all learning...
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How to Keep Healthy Boundaries through Bullying, People Pleasing & Fight, Flight, Freeze - with Dr Suzanne Henwood, Stress & Anxiety Master Coach

Season #2 Episode #10

You're going to get so much from this insightful episode of the Quiet Connections Podcast if you're struggling with either setting and keeping your boundaries; people pleasing and putting other people before yourself...
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Finding Hope When Things Feel Hard & Knowing Who You Are - with Barby Ingle, Author & Cheerleader of Hope

Season #2 Episode #9

What can we learn about hope from a cheerleader living with multiple rare & chronic illnesses? A lot it would seem! In this episode Stacie and Barby, discuss how to find hope when things feel bad, and the...
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How to Thrive in Your Career as a Quieter, More Introverted Person - with Lara Hayward, Career Coach

Season #2 Episode #8

Welcome to a fascinating conversation with Lara Hayward that’ll touch on aligning our careers with our values and who we are; championing our quieter personalities at work; celebrating motherhood as a high performance...
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EFT for Social Anxiety - with Melanie Yates, Neuro Coach & EFT Therapist

Season #2 Episode #7

In this episode we're joined by Neuro Coach, EFT Therapist and Author of Happy, Joyous and Free: Love Your Life, No Matter What, Melanie Yates.We discuss how Emotional Freedom Tapping could help ease social anxiety...
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How You Can Accept Yourself & Feel Confident (Even If You Don't Love Your Body) - with Claudine Nightingill-Rane, Body Image & Blue Health Coach

Season #2 Episode #6

In this episode we are joined by Body Image Coach, Claudine Nightingill-Rane from Seascape Blue Coaching. We’ll be exploring the link between body image and self-worth and why loving your body might not feel...
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Why Confidence is a Skill & Failing Greatly Can Be Good For You - with Katrina Widener, Business Coach

Season #2 Episode #5

Do you currently believe that extroversion is equal to confidence? Do you think that confidence is something others ‘just have’, and you don’t? Do you fear trying something new, in case it isn’t perfect, or it goes...
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Quieting Your Inner Critic & Showing Up Brave - with Confidence Coach, KT LaPorta

Season #2 Episode #4

As someone with experience of social anxiety, and who trained as a counsellor and set up a business as a confidence coach, KT LaPorta has a wealth of personal and professional experience and approaches for dealing...
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What You Need to Know About Burnout & How to Recover From It - with Ioana Patale, Burnout Coach

Season #2 Episode #3

Do you often feel like you overstretch yourself? Taking on more than what you can actually manage? And when somebody asks you for help, you instantly say yes, because to say no leaves you feeling wrecked with guilt....
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Relationship Anxiety & Avoidance: Attachment Styles - with Robyn Michon, Relationship Coach

Season #2 Episode #2

Want to know more about attachment styles? Do you feel anxious in your relationships? Perhaps you see unhealthy patterns repeating in relationship after relationship? Or maybe you find yourself unintentionally...
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