How Nature Can Help You Feel Less Anxious and More Connected - with Ellie Smart, Nature Photographer

Season #1 Episode #11

What is the power of nature? And what impact does it have on our physical, mental and emotional health? Join Stacie and Hayley as they explore how spending time outdoors helped  nature enthusiast, Ellie Smart, through social anxiety, and reconnect with her innate worth and purposefulness.

We dive into our connection with nature, how it helps shift our physiology and opens us up to new perspectives, creates meaning and purpose, and the science of Blue Health and Blue Health Coaching; a new coaching approach developed by our good friend and professional trainer, Lizzi Larbalestier (Going Coastal Blue).

Ellie Smart - Nature Photographer & Quiet Connections Community Engagement Manager
Ellie Smart is a Cornish wildlife and nature enthusiast and photographer, currently studying Conservation and Ecology. Ellie had been labelled as ‘shy’ from a young age and found it hard to talk to people or share ideas, incase what she wanted to say was 'wrong'. Photography became a form of self-expression, communicating with others, telling stories, and helping nature. Ellie believes that nature has a powerful way of connecting us to ourselves and the ecosystem, helping us to ease anxiety, loneliness and depression, and increase our self-worth and sense of purpose. @eco_ellie_

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