Socially Anxious to Quietly Confident

An online group training & coaching programme to help you feel capable of being in everyday social situations, connecting with others, and reaching higher in your job & education. 

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Socially Anxious to Quietly Confident

12-week online group coaching programme.









Andrew Jones, Cornwall

"I've been most surprised at how quickly I've become something like the person I wanted to be and how taking gradual steps to stretch my comfort zone - which had shrunk in recent years - had made that easy to do. When I was driving home after completing the last stretch of my plan - going for a six-mile walk with a group of around 25 people I had never met before - I had such a strong feeling of pride in myself that I had not felt for some time.

I'd recommend Quiet Connections and the Socially Anxious to Quietly Confident programme to anyone who experiences social anxiety to any degree - even if you feel too introverted or not introverted enough to take part. QC will help with whatever you want to achieve or whoever you want to work towards becoming. Hayley, Stacie and Phil talk to you on your level (they're Quieteers too!) and they are enthusiastic, knowledgeable, inspiring, patient, kind coaches. And they're great company in the live sessions!"

What you'll cover...

Setting you up for success!

Together, we’ll be busting old confidence myths, mapping out the path to quiet confidence and sharing a helpful technique to master the tools you’ll be picking up in this programme so you can easily implement your new strategies into your daily life to reduce anxious feeling and grow your confidence. 

Dialling down your inner critic

You’ll be increasing your self-kindness and self-empowerment by identifying patterns of thinking that keep you ‘stuck’ and upgrading the way that you speak about yourself and your challenges. You’ll also learn to self-soothe and increase your motivation by adding self-compassion practices to your toolkit.

Letting go of negative thoughts

You’ll discover why your thoughts do not reflect reality. We’ll gently challenge the way that you think about both yourself and the social situations you experience and you’ll pick up new methods to explore ‘what else could be true?’ and reframe unhelpful thoughts to create space for positive possibilities. 

Calming anxious feelings

You’ll be adding foundational techniques to your toolkit that are easy-to-use to bring yourself back into the present moment, calming feelings of anxiety. You’ll take away 3 helpful strategies from this session that you can use before, during and after social situations for you to put into practice. 

Comfort Zone Stretching

You’ll be creating a personalised plan to gently stretch your comfort zone and grow your confidence at your own pace, identifying small steps you can take to help you feel more comfortable in social situations. You’ll consider the resources and strengths you have available to you that can help you to take action, and your plan will be reviewed by a coach to make sure you’re staying in the ‘stretch zone’ and out of the ‘panic zone’.

Seeing the Good in You

You’ll be discovering your unique strengths and values and uncovering ‘blind spots’, expanding the way that you see yourself. With this greater self-awareness, you’ll be increasing your sense of self-worth, taking a more realistic view of your potential and actually growing to like who you are.

A 12-week online training & group coaching programme to help you with:

  • Developing healthy coping strategies to reduce anxiety so that you can be in everyday social situations and still feel calm
  • Recognising your strengths and seeing yourself in a more positive light so that you feel worthy of connection and can use your unique qualities to navigate challenges 
  • Gently stretching your comfort zone so that you grow your confidence and gain the skills to take real-world steps towards the job, course or hobby that you want to take (without feeling panicked and overwhelmed)

What’s Included in the Programme?

  • A detailed ‘getting to know you’ form to fill out before we begin
  • 12 hour-long sessions with our coach team (that’s one per week!) - £600 value
  • Private message coaching support between sessions - £140 value 
  • The new, revised Comfort Zone Stretch Workbook to help you tailor a comfort zone stretch plan to suit you - £127 value 
  • Values exploration guide - £97 value 
  • Seeing the good in you guided exploration - £97 value 
  • Coping strategy written & video guides - £199 value 
  • Reflective journaling prompts for each week - £97 value
  • Weekly Quieteer Pod support call with guidance - PRICELESS
  • Community support in our private group - £120 value

(Value: £1,477)


  • Friends and family perspective exercise - £47 value
  • Calming and self-compassion meditations narrated by our coaches - £97 value
  • Taking the power out of your negative thoughts toolkit module - £97 value
  • Permission slips & affirmation templates - £27 value
  • Anchoring confidence toolkit module - £97 value

(Value: £365)



You could get a fully funded scholarship if you sign up right now!

Hannah, East Midlands

"Being in touch with Quiet Connections already feels life changing. I feel better about who I am and more proud of myself as a quieter person. I have become more accepting of any struggles I have. I am actually surprised how many wins I have had since the programme started. The surprising thing is that I didn't necessarily plan a lot of these as a comfort stretch, but I seem to be pushing myself to do new things anyway.

I would like to thank QC so much for such an amazing course, and especially my assigned coach for being a really great support and always willing to give her time. I feel that I have learnt a lot and have grown a lot as a result of the programme and most importantly, I know that I am not alone and am looking forward to continuing as a member of the quiet community!"

Laura, Cornwall

"Since joining the Socially Anxious to Quietly Confident Programme, I have started volunteering in a place I had no prior experience of and gained employment. What’s most surprised me is being able to going to a party, dancing, socialising with new people and feeling very comfortable with the whole event… actually enjoying it!  

I have more confidence and I am becoming more myself. I now have self-compassion and more understanding of my quietness and my past reactions. I see I am becoming more responsible for opening up new opportunities in my life, I am becoming increasingly stronger to experience more for myself and family. 

Quiet connections has rebalanced my life with their kindness, knowledge and fantastic support. Working with Quiet Connections is the best thing I’ve done!"

The doors are now closed 

The Socially Anxious to Quietly Confident online programme is currently closed to new applications for both paid and funded places, and will re-open mid-2022.

Please completing this form to express your interest in the next programme, and we will email you as soon as we're open for applications again. 

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