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How we can help you

Quiet Connections offers safe, nurturing spaces for you to connect with people on the same path, and to reconnect with yourself, so that you can feel a sense of belonging and self-acceptance, and live a more fulfilling life aligned with your true nature.

  • Looking for free support focused on connecting?  Become a Quieteer with your free membership to access Quiet Connection Meet Ups and self-study lessons in confidence and wellbeing. You decide how far you stretch your comfort zone with us.  
  • Looking for some personalised support focused on your personal growth? We can help you with one-to-one coaching, in Cornwall or via video or phone call, with a coach of your choice. 

Quiet Meet Ups + Self-study lessons in confidence & wellbeing

What you'll get:

  • Immediately see the whole schedule of Quiet Meet Ups including online webinars & regular get-togethers in locations across Cornwall & sign up for everything you're interested in!

  • Share stories, questions, support & encouragement with people on the same path as you in the community chat space

  • Attend 20+ lessons for confidence & wellbeing from Team Quiet & Friends covering topics such as how to use emotional freedom techniques; getting unstuck; calming breathing techniques; journalling for confidence; practising mindfulness; plus so much more!

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Coaching for a more fulfilling life aligned with who you really are

What you'll get:

  • One or more sessions with a coach of your choice walking alongside you as a fellow explorer, knowing that you are the expert on you.

  • Your coach will assist you in your journey; exploring your map of the world, and navigating your opportunities and challenges together.

  • Your coach will be helping you to see the light within yourself; discovering your true self and what you have to offer, and accessing the courage to express yourself in the world, walking the path that’s aligned with who you truly are


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