Quiet Meet Up Wellness Session

With Happy Go Yoga

Gently connecting with each other and boosting our wellbeing with laughing yoga!

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Wellness Session with Happy-Go Yoga

Join us for a Quiet Meet Up having a go at laughing yoga to help increase feelings of happiness and a zest for life!









Wellness Session with Happy-Go Yoga

Monday 5th September 6-7pm

‘Happy Go Yoga’ love nothing more than getting people happy, healthy and enjoying life.

Check out Happy-Go here:

What we’re doing: 

Happiness specialist, Emma Graham, will be delivering a wellness session of mindfulness, laughter exercises, breathing techniques, gentle movement to music and relaxation. The perfect opportunity to ease tension, let go, release some feel-good hormones, and enjoy a laugh in safe company.

"When I’m in a situation where I feel anxious, I use laughter to get my brain to choose to continue to be anxious or to get happy, as it can’t be both at the same time… and it works, quickly and effectively." - Emma Graham

We'll literally be receiving a DOSE* (dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins) of healthy, mood-boosting, happy happening, pain relieving, stress reducing, immune-boosting, blood pressure reducing, natural medicine for all those challenging situations we can find ourselves in.

And just in case you were wondering... whilst it's called 'Yoga', there isn't any typical yoga involved; you do NOT need to bring a mat, and you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in. 

Spaces are limited to 12 people for this event, so please book early to reserve your space!

Meeting Point: 
We will meet inside the Huddle Cafe in Falmouth. Look for Michele (pictured below).

Cost: Free. 

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Hi, I'm Michele!

I'm running the gathering.

Our Quiet Meet Up gatherings are a safe space for those of us who are quieter and feel anxious in social situations.

You’ll be part of a friendly group of like-minded individuals with similar feelings and stories in a relaxed and welcoming environment. Use the time and space to quietly connect and enjoy yourself in a way that feels comfortable for you. 

We know how scary it can be meeting new people and going to new places so we believe that getting as far as the car park and through the door is a huge win for many of us! There's no need to set a big goal to speak and participate, you're invited to go at your own pace.

Here's what you can expect:

  • It's okay to talk, and it's okay to be quiet too. We understand that you may prefer to ease into conversation gradually, or want to simply enjoy sharing company with others. We welcome quietude and chatter.
  • We encourage you to go at your own pace. There's never any pressure to participate more than what feels right and good for you.

Where to Find Us

Huddle Cafe, 33 Church Street, Falmouth, TR11 3DX

 Google Map | Street View

Huddle Cafe is located in Falmouth high street next to Church of King Charles the Martyr, Falmouth.

The whole cafe is our space in the evening, so you know that it's only us Quieteers in the room when you walk through the door into the cafe. 

There's a toilet just outside of the room (through the grey doors in the photo below) which you can use at any time.


  • By carFrom Asda take the A39 into Falmouth - 3 Miles. Turn left onto Kimberly Park Road. Follow the road down into and through Falmouth town, where you will come across the car parks listed below and Huddle Cafe on the right.

  •  By Bus: Buses run daily to Falmouth from most local towns. There is a circular bus route around Falmouth (366 & 367 services) run by OTS. Plan your route here.
  • By TrainFalmouth Town Station is an 8 minute walk (0.4 Miles)


  • Custom House Quay Car Park (0.1 miles) Church Street, Falmouth, TR11 3JT
    • All days 5pm - Midnight (Accessible after 4pm)
    • Evening Session - £1.70
  • Well Lane Car Park (0.1 Miles) Ortschaft, New St, Falmouth, TR11 3HX
    • All days 5pm - Midnight
    • Evening Session - £1.70
  • Maritime Museum Car Park (0.3 miles), Avenue Rd, Falmouth TR11 
    • £2 per hour. Pay on exit.
(Fees accurate at time of posting)


Join Us

When you register, Michele will reach out to you ahead of the gathering to say hello and help ease any anxieties you may have around coming, help connect you with others, and answer any questions you have. 

Important: Covid-19 Safety Instructions

For the safety of our group, please do not attend if you or someone you live with:

  • have any Covid symptoms (including cough, temperature, change in sense of smell or taste; headache; sore throat; an unusually runny nose or sneezing)
  • Our team will have hand sanitiser available

Thank you for your help to keep all our participants and their loved ones safe.

Wellness Session with Happy-Go Yoga

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